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lunedì 19 giugno 2017

2017 BS5

2017 BS5

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2017 BS5
Near earth asteroid 2017 BS5 July 2017 orbital flyby.png
July 23, 2017 flyby of earth
Orbital characteristics
Epoch 2017 Feb. 16.0 (JD 2457400.5)
1.0113162 AU (a)
Eccentricity 0.0126075
≈ 1.017 yr
Inclination 11.23668° (i)
121.02493° (Ω)
24.40374° (ω)
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 40-90 meters
In astronomy of the solar system, 2017 BS5 is a near earth asteroid. Its orbit is only slightly larger than the earth and low eccentricity, but inclined 11 degrees. Its diameter is estimated to be 40-90 meters.[1]

July 2017 flyby

On July 23, 2017, it will pass by within 3.15 lunar distances.[2] Seen from the earth it will pass straight north to south from Draco south into Scorpio. With its 1.017 year orbit it has a synodic period of 60 years with the earth, so it will flyby the earth every 60 years or so, previous in July 1957 and next in July 2077.
Near earth asteroid 2017 BS5 July 2017 closeup flyby.png Near earth asteroid 2017 BS5 July 2017 sky flyby.png

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